Experience a culinary tour through East Asia in a stylish and glamorous venue. Steam, grill, wok and blade dexterity set the scene for modern Asian dining, Tapas style. The regiment of chefs from key provinces in China, Japan and Thailand dictate the incredible diversity of Haiku's menu. The elegant stone, paper, wood, water and light features mixed with the bold flavor and design of the food in this restaurant, map the way for sensory explosion. Haiku's signature is most definitely its organic freshness, skill and passion to satisfy the discerning and adventurous palate. A restaurant that welcomes the young at heart and goes to great lengths to enjoy what it does best to get you addicted to it.



    Tables of 10 or more guests require a set menu and deposit to be paid to confirm the booking. Please contact the branch for availability first.

      Kids under 12 not allowed at dinner service.

    Our Team

    General Manager

    Head Wok Chef

    Pin 33 Church Street, Cape Town

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